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Faculty >>> Zuguo Shen
Zuguo Shen, PH.D.
Dr. Shen is lecturer of mechanical engineering at Wuhan University of Technology, Co-PI of the Combustion & Laser Sensing Laboratory. Dr. Shen is interested in the research of phase change materials for energy storage, energy conversion, solar thermoelectric generator, and thermal management of fuel cells. Dr. Shen has published more than 20 papers in SCI journals. 
Education Background
PH.D.:Chongqing University  (Power Engineering and Engineering Thermophysics)
B.Sc.: Chongqing University  (Thermal and Power Engineering)

Selected Publications 

[1] Z. Shen, S. Chen, X. Liu, B. Chen. A review on thermal management performance enhancement of phase change materials for vehicle lithium-ion batteries. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 2021; 148: 111301. link

[2] B. Huang, Z. Shen*. Performance assessment of annular thermoelectric generators for automobile exhaust waste heat recovery. Energy 2022; 246, 123375. link

[3] Z. Shen, X. Liu*, S. Chen, S. Wu, L. Xiao, Z. Chen. Theoretical analysis on a segmented annular thermoelectric generator. Energy 2018,157: 297-313. link


[4] Z. Shen, B. Huang*, X. Liu. Effect of structure parameters on the performance of an annular thermoelectric generator for automobile exhaust heat recovery. Energy Conversion and Management 2022; 256, 115381. link


[5] Z. Shen, Li. Tian, X. Liu*. Automotive exhaust thermoelectric generators: Current status, challenges and future prospects. Energy Conversion and Management 2019;195: 1138-1173. link

[6] L. Tian, X. Liu, S. Chen, Z. Shen*. Effect of fin material on PCM melting in a rectangular enclosure. Applied Thermal Engineering, 2020;167: 114764. link

[7] Z. Shen, S. Chen, B. Chen. Heat transfer performance of a finned shell-and-tube latent heat thermal energy storage unit in the presence of thermal radiation. Journal of Energy Storage 2022, 45: 103724. link

[8] B. Huang, L. Tian, Q. Yu, X. Liu, Z. Shen*. Numerical analysis of melting process in a rectangular enclosure with different fin locations. Energies 2021;14(14): 4091. link

Academic Services
Reviewer for peer-reviewd jounrals include Energy Conversion and Management、Energy、Applied Energy、Experimental Thermal and Fluid Science etc...
Outstanding Reviewer for journal of Energy Conversion and Management
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