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Liuhao Ma,PH.D.
​Associate Professor and Co-PI
Dr. Ma is associate professor of mechanical engineering at Wuhan University of Technology, Co-PI of the Combustion & Laser Sensing Laboratory. Dr. Ma's main research interests include laser diagnostics in combustion and other complex and harsh environments, detection of trace pollutants, and applied optics in general. He has published over 30 SCI papers in related fields and applied for 1 US patent. 
Education Background
PH.D.: The Chinese University of Hong Kong (Mechanical Engineering)
M.Sc.:  Huazhong University of Science and Technology  (Thermal Engineering )
B.Sc.: Huazhong University of Science and Technology (Thermal and Power Engineering)

Selected Publications (Google scholar profile)

[1] L. Ma, Z. Wang, K-P. Cheong, H. Ning, W. Ren*. Mid-infrared heterodyne phase-sensitive dispersion spectroscopy in flame measurements. Proceedings of the Combustion Institute 2019; 37: 1329−1336. link

[2] L. Ma, K-P. Cheong*, M. Yang, C. Yuan, W. Ren*. On the quantification of boundary layer effects on flame temperature measurements using line-of-sight absorption spectroscopy. Combustion Science and Technology 2021. link


[3] L. Ma, H. Ning, J. Wu, W. Ren*. In situ flame temperature measurements using a mid-infrared two-line H2O laser-absorption thermometry. Combustion Science and Technology 2018; 190(3),392−407. link


[4] M. Raza, L. Ma*, S. Yao, L. Chen, W. Ren*. High-temperature dual-species (CO/NH3) detection using calibration-free scanned-wavelength-modulation spectroscopy at 2.3 μm. Fuel 2021; 305, 121591. link

[5] M. Zhou, F. Yan, L. Ma*, P. Jiang, Y. Wang*, S.H. Chung. Chemical speciation and soot measurements in laminar counterflow diffusion flames of ethylene and ammonia mixtures. Fuel 2022; 308, 122003. link


[6] D. Wen, L. Ma*, Y. Wang*. Effects of thermochemical non-uniformity on line-of-sight laser absorption thermometry in counterflow diffusion flames. Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy and Radiative Transfer 2022; 277, 107990. link

[7] G. Sheng, L. Ma*, D. Wen, Y. Wang*. Simultaneous measurements of temperature, CO2 concentration and soot volume fraction in counterflow diffusion flames using a single mid-infrared laser. Applied Physics B 2022,128,62. link

[8] L. Ma, Z. Wang, K-P. Cheong, H, Ning, and W. Ren*. Temperature and H2O sensing in laminar premixed flames using mid-infrared heterodyne phase-sensitive dispersion spectroscopy. Applied Physics B 2018; 124:117. link

[9] L. Ma, Z. Wang, K-P. Cheong, H, Ning, and W. Ren*. Temperature and H2O sensing in laminar premixed flames using mid-infrared heterodyne phase-sensitive dispersion spectroscopy. Applied Physics B 2018; 124:117. link


[10] L. Ma*, K-P. Cheong*, K. Duan, W. Ren. Hybrid constraint multi-line absorption spectroscopy for non-uniform thermochemical measurements in axisymmetric laminar and jet flames. Optics and Lasers in Engineering 2022,154,107014. link

[11] L. Ma, H. Ning, J. Wu, K-P. Cheong, W. Ren*. Characterization of temperature and soot volume fraction in the laminar premixed sooting flame: laser absorption/extinction measurement and 2D CFD simulation. Energy & Fuels 2018; 32(12), 12962−70. link


[12] L. Ma, K-P. Cheong, H. Ning, W. Ren*. An improved study of the uniformity of laminar premixed flames using laser absorption spectroscopy and CFD simulation. Experimental Thermal and Fluid Science 2020; 112:110013. link

[13] L. Ma*, K. Duan, K-P. Cheong*, W. Ren. Multispectral infrared absorption spectroscopy for quantitative temperature measurements in axisymmetric laminar premixed sooting flames. Case Studies in Thermal Engineering 2021;28, 101575. link


[14] G. Sheng, J. Han, L. Ma*, W. Wang, Y. Wang. Mid-infrared absorption tomography  for in situ analysis of thermochemical structure in natural gas-fired cooker flame. Microwave and Optical Technology Letters 2022. link

[15] W. Duan, F. Yan, H. Zhang, L. Ma*, D. Wen, W. Wang, G. Sheng, Y. Wang, Q. Wang*. A laser-based multipass absorption sensor for sub-ppm detection of methane, acetylene and ammonia. Sensors 2022, 22(2), 556. link

Academic Services
Reviewer for peer-reviewd journals include Proceedings of the Combustion InstituteApplied Physics B、Measurement Science and Technology、Applied Optics、Energy etc...
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